Absurdity – Kenny Rader

kennyHave you noticed how so many people are messed up today?  Is our problem that the majority of sane people are silent, or is the majority actually a bunch of idiots?  Many people’s thinking is so screwed up that I wonder when up will be down and down will be up?  Will 2+2 still equal 4 in another twenty years?  Not likely if America’s wacky people have their way.

Here’s what I mean.  Why do a beached whale and an entire community trying to get it back into the water draw more attention and make more news than troubled children who need help because their parents have abandoned them for drugs and alcohol?  Why do people get more jail time for abusing a stray dog than for someone striking and harming their child, not just one time striking the child, but abusing their child repeatedly over time?  It’s absurdity!

Why is the population on the west coast suffering with water issues?  Is it because the EPA and our government has diverted millions upon millions of gallons of water to save a fish?  Why have we placed the importance of the small and few animals over the needs of people?  It’s absurdity!!

Why do politicians of his own party condemn Donald Trump for telling a simple truth concerning people here illegally from other countries who harm our people and our country?  Sure, Trump is rough around the edges and he does stir controversy, but truth is truth no matter who says it.  Why do we have sanctuary cities in this country for people here illegally?  Why do we keep permitting the same person who is here illegally to continue to commit crimes and not send them back to their country?  Why do politicians only talk about a fence along our southern border and yet never actually do anything about it once in office? Why do politicians not understand that terrorists cross our borders as easily as common people.  It’s absurdity!!!

Why are Christians said to be narrow-minded bigots for our voice against homosexuality and sin, yet homosexuals are not condemned for their narrow-mindedness against the freedom of Christians to voice our beliefs?  Why is the freedom of speech in the constitution only upheld for certain groups of people who want to pervert the law and who want to drag America into the cesspool of sin, yet those who stand for America’s God-given freedoms in the constitution are told that we don’t have the right to stop those perverts or speak out against them?  It’s absurdity!!!!

Why are Christians’ mouths closed by our judicial system in that we are not legally permitted to tell others about Jesus at work and at school, yet same-sex marriage couples and people who are confused about their genders are encouraged to tell others about their rights to do as they please and act as they please?  Why is Bruce Jenner hailed as a courageous hero for his sex change, yet real courage is found in the person who fights off sin and comes to Christ?  Why is Jenner the hero and the Christian a bigot?  It’s absurdity!!!!!

Why are our men and women who defend our freedom not given the proper medical attention over the course of their lives when they have been crippled by war or by terrorists?  Why is it that non-profit organizations have to try to take care of countless former war heroes because our government has forgotten about them after they are out of the armed forces?  It’s absurdity!!!!!!

And then there is the Planned Parenthood doctor caught on video as she explains about the sale of aborted baby body parts.  Why hasn’t Planned Parenthood been stripped of federal money?  Oh, maybe you didn’t know that our government uses our tax dollars to help kill babies whose body parts, according to Planned Parenthood, are legally sold for scientific research.  Why is killing millions of babies hailed as a good thing? Why are mothers hailed as heroes for having the courage to make a decision to kill their child while in the womb?  IT’S ABSURDITY!!!!!!!



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