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This house project is not about us. It is about helping people in need.  It is about giving God the glory. Are you willing to post the need for pennies or dollars/mile on your Facebook page? Will you email everyone you know? Can you send out letters? College, high school and other students, can you [...]

A Giant Step of Faith

by Kenny Rader Many of us have grown content.  Many of us see our lives winding down, so we have stopped seeing the possibilities.  Remember when you and I were young?  We had dreams and visions of opportunities in our lives.  We took risks because we believed not only in our ability, but we believed [...]

Haiti Mission Team 2014


The RCC Haiti Mission Team will be leaving Sunday, June 29th for Columbus. They fly to Miami early Monday  morning, June 30th. From there on to Haiti, returning July 9th. The team members would like to thank everyone for their support by gifts, donations and most of all by your prayers. 101 containers of powdered [...]