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Independence Day,  July 4, 2015 thumbnail

For most of us, this Forth of July/Independence Day brings a weekend of fun.  It’s a time of vacations and family gatherings; cookout and campfires; parades and possibly a cemetery visit.  We head to the beaches and pools; zoos and state parks; plus, once it turns dark, we get out our lawn chairs and watch [...]

Precious Life –  Channon Martin thumbnail

When Jesus goes to the cross to die, he goes to give life, not because he was a criminal. We had a debt we couldn’t pay (sin), so God sent his Son Jesus to pay that debt for us so that we could have eternal life in him. Jesus died the ultimate death so that [...]

My Dad Laughed – a Lot – Kenny Rader thumbnail

When is the last time something popped into your mind that you wondered where it came from?  I know, normally it is what has left our minds that causes us to wonder, but do you remember having something that just kind of leaped into your mind and you hadn’t thought of it in years or [...]