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Bring Your Cash-Buy Our Stash

100% of the profits will go to both the 
Lifeline Christian Mission & the Lima Rescue Mission

Saturday, August 8th 11:00 a.m.

Rousculp members will be packaging ABC (All Because of Christ) Food Pouches 
to feed the hungry and “Benefits” to support The Lima Rescue Mission.

This is a “Donation Only” auction. Donations include any usable items:
Cars, Motorcycles, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Aluminum Cans, 
Monetary Donations (Cash or Checks payable to Rousculp Church of Christ). [click to continue…]

Absurdity – Kenny Rader

kennyHave you noticed how so many people are messed up today?  Is our problem that the majority of sane people are silent, or is the majority actually a bunch of idiots?  Many people’s thinking is so screwed up that I wonder when up will be down and down will be up?  Will 2+2 still equal 4 in another twenty years?  Not likely if America’s wacky people have their way. [click to continue…]

my faceI have always considered myself a good driver. Even when I first got my permit, I thought my driving skills far surpassed that of kids my age. Not long after receiving my license to drive, I was going to work one day after school like any other day. I got onto the ramp to enter the highway, checked my mirror to make sure I was clear to merge, and then I merged. I was in the right lane behind a semi going slower than the speed limit, so I decided to get in the left lane to move past him. I checked my mirror, turned my signal on and started moving over.

[click to continue…]