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Celebrate Easter Week With Us!


Come join us this Good Friday April 3, 2015  at 7:00 PM Then come and celebrate the Resurrection on Sunday Morning! Blended Music Service - 9:30 am Donuts & Coffee - 10:30 am Contemporary Music Service - 11:00 pm Children's Classes available both services.


In elementary school I loved to change seats. Once in a while, the teacher would just change everything around and we got to experience the room in a new perspective. It was nice to see the room from a different angle and be next to a person I had not previously known. It seems that [...]

Embrace Your Journey

Palm Sunday 2015

What journey are you currently on?  What does the path you walk on look like? 2000 years ago, Jesus walked on earth.  He breathed the same air that you and I breathe.  He ate the same food you and I eat.  He wore similar clothing made of wool and linen that you and I wear.  [...]