Sermon Preview

A preview of the sermon for this upcoming Sunday (11-17-2019)!

Church Is Irrelevant

I Don’t Like Church Because . . . Series

“Church means nothing to me.”

Those are possibly not the exact words, but maybe you've heard people say that the Church, and even God, are meaningless. Rather than argue with them, we might ask why they have that view.  Why do many people claim they have no use for the Church?

Maybe it’s their source

Many people believe the Church lacks relevance because of what they see of Christians.  How can we say the Church is relevant when so many Christians fail to live as though it is?  Ask yourself this question, if someone examined your life, what conclusion would they make about Jesus and His Church?

This Sunday

We are going to examine the Church in relationship to how relevant God and the Church are in the lives of Christians.  Are Christians at fault for the world's view of the Church? Hmmm


Love you!!!