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Sermon Preview

A preview of the sermon for this upcoming Sunday (4-5-2020)!

Battle Plan

The Final Battle Series

Two sides to every story

We’re reminded of this every time our child tell us a tale that seems a bit too odd for common sense.  When your child says, “Billy hit me,” there’s usually another side of the story we need to hear from Billy.  We know there’s likely a story behind the story that looks different from the one we’re hearing.  


That’s the way it was when Jesus entered Jerusalem in His triumphant entry.  The people had one view of the incident: that Jesus was coming as their earthly king.  Jesus, however, had an entirely different take on the situation.

The greatest battle ever

We don't mean great as in, fantastic.  We mean that the battle of all battles was about to take place in Jerusalem.  The opponents were Jesus versus Satan, and Jesus had His battle strategy planned perfectly.

This Sunday

We begin part 1 of our three-part series on The Final Battle. This series includes our Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter messages.  Since we cannot have services at the church building, you can listen or watch us on our website: 


Love you!!!