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Sermon Preview

A preview of the sermon for this upcoming Sunday (8-23-2020)!

Becoming Highly Esteemed in God’s Eyes

Walking with God Series

When all seems lost

What do you do when your world caves in?  Do you blame others?  Do you blame yourself?  But what if it was brought about by God? Do you blame Him?

Anger, depression, or submission?

Many of us get angry when life spirals out of control and it’s the fault of others, but to the other extreme, some people completely fold and go into depression.  Others, however, submit and work through the problem to the glory of God – often to the dismay and anger of others.  So, what's your response when others cause your life to spin out of control?

This Sunday

We're looking at Daniel's life, and we’re going to see a young man whose life quickly degenerated from royalty to captivity in a whirlwind.  He never regained freedom, yet he served both God and his captors with dignity.  Daniel's life is a fantastic story of foreign captivity that was brought about by God, yet from which most of us can learn how to become highly esteemed in God’s eyes.


See you Sunday.


Love you!!!