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Sermon Preview

A preview of the sermon for this upcoming Sunday (4-12-2020)!


The Final Battle Series

The Battle

This Sunday, in the series that began last Sunday and included our Good Friday message, we are looking at Jesus' final week in Jerusalem as He fought the battle of all battles against Satan.  Jesus entered Jerusalem to defeat Satan, and He orchestrated His plan flawlessly.  He had to get to the cross and die to become the perfect sacrifice for us, whereas Satan's goal was to get Jesus to sin or avoid death on the cross.  If Satan could make the journey to the cross so painful, Jesus might curse God, or turn and run.  But Jesus didn't sin.  Jesus didn't run.  He endured all the pain, suffering, and shame Satan threw at Him, and He won the battle.

This Sunday

We are looking at the resurrection of Jesus.  Why is His resurrection so important?  Listen to our message to find out.  We'll post it on our website,, Sunday at 9:00 A.M. 


Please be prepared with your emblems for our communion service that will take place following the sermon. 


Love you!!!